4 Reasons To Try Hard Root Beer

Believe it or not, I hate beer. At least I used to. That was before I understood the complexity of craft beer brewing and the chemistry behind it all. Maybe it’s the foodie in me that enjoys mixing together a variety of things to make one kick ass product.


root beer bottlesEnter hard root beer. It’s the adult version of an all-time kid’s favorite that finally lives up to its name. Here are 4 reasons why you should try this new adult beverage that is turning the craft beer industry on its head!

  1. Perfect Gateway for Craft Beer Newbies

Even with the booming growth in the craft beer industry, many people are still apprehensive about trying craft beer. Hard root beer is a great option for someone who wants to know more about craft beer without being overwhelmed by the various types they could potentially try (and hate). It tastes very much like the classic soda many grew up on so you have an idea of what to expect.

  1. Save Money

Let’s face it: a bottle or pint of beer will always be cheaper than a cocktail. Hard root beer can be found in your neighborhood grocery store or local watering hole in a 4 or 6-pack or individual bottle, respectively. The average bottle price at the bar will be $6-8 and a 4 or 6-pack will run you anywhere from $6.99 to $11.99!

  1. Boozy Buzz

    Mission Brewery Hard Root Beer
    Mission Brewery Hard Root Beer

Hard root beer will give you the kind of buzz you look forward to at 5pm on a Friday! Craft beer alcohol content is measured by ABV, alcohol by volume. The higher the ABV, the better the buzz! With an ABV range from 5.9% to 7.5%, hard root beers are on the higher end of the ABV spectrum. Only a handful of craft beers have an ABV over 7%, which makes hard root beer the perfect choice to kick off your Friday night happy hour. Drinkers beware – this buzz tends to creep up on you. Before you know it, you might be leading the conga line throughout the bar. No judgment…

  1. Great Taste

Root Beer Float SignIf you love root beer, you’ll love hard root beer. Bold taste with a hint of spiciness, the flavor profile will surely appeal to your taste buds. Smooth, creamy and sweet, it has traditional root beer notes of spices like sarsaparilla and vanilla. For a trip down memory lane, grab a pack and some vanilla ice cream to make root beer floats at home in celebration of National Root Beer Float Day on August 6th.


Not Your Father's Root Beer
Small Town Brewery Not Your Father’s Root Beer

Two of the most popular hard root beers on the market are Small Town Brewery’s Not Your Father’s Root Beer and Mission Brewery’s Hard Root Beer. A recent weekend trip to San Diego introduced me to Mission Brewery’s Hard Root Beer with a 7.5% ABV. Once I poured the silky, creamy goodness into my chilled glass, a slight frothiness appeared and the distinct aroma of vanilla engulfed my senses. The slight buzz I received hallway through the glass converted me into a hard root beer fan.

If you’re curious about craft beer but not ready to take the plunge, try a hard root beer as an Intro to Craft Beer 101. Your taste buds will rejoice!


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