Granada, Spain: 5 Reasons to Visit

Q the Cruzan Foodie - May 21, 2016
Granada, Spain

When I decided to study Spanish abroad, Granada, Spain was not even on my radar as a place to consider for my 4-month stay in the country. A chance meeting at my local farmers market in Hollywood, FL led me to learn about this city from an artisan olive oil merchant with Spaniard roots. What I discovered when I arrived could not compare to his …

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Craft Beer Find in Sevilla, Spain

Q the Cruzan Foodie - December 7, 2015
Craft Beer Find - Sevilla, Spain

Introducing Zurda Golden Ale – a craft beer find I stumbled upon while having dinner at a topnotch restaurant in Sevilla, Spain. It’s been a challenge to find a wide variety of craft beer while traveling in Spain. There are craft beer bars in some cities but when dining out, oftentimes the craft beer selection is limited. I’m a Caribbean girl traveling world in search …

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