Carnival Tabanca at its worst…

If you know me at all, you must know that I am a lover of all carnivals: Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Toronto, Miami, St. Croix. You name it and I want to be there jumping up in a band in my costume playing mas. Right now, Trinidad Carnival is happening and I am going through the worse depression EVER because I;m not there! Click below to get a full understanding as to where that depression has taken me. I’m ashamed to post this but it’s called MY LIFE MY COMEDY for a reason! This is a part of it all and I want you to see it! Post your comments below and tell me if you’ve ever felt lost missing out on something or am i just crazy! Enjoy!

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  1. No worries love…I had a TIME on de road just for me and you. Everytime I heard EPIC I took a extra lil wine just for you. To this day when I hear that song I start to giggle and be like…das Anquanette song! **dancin** <3

    1. Girl I cyan even listen to dat song while ah driving in deh cyar! Ah must pull ova or turn the song b/c is pure pressure ah giving deh steering wheel lol don’t worry though. Ticket done booked for 2015!

  2. Carnival Tabanca is Too Real!!! I feel like something is missing, these last few days have been rough. I’m missing the vibes, parties, food, bacchanal, costume, gettin on bad; I missing it all! I’m even having a hard time listening to my soca(which I love). And it doesn’t help that I’m here in cold ass, snowy, icy Toronto. I should be in Trinidad, on the Savannah, on the beach, in the water, half naked, getting on bad. God help us!

    1. Amen, my friend, AMEN! Next year my love! God spare life, we will be in the streets of POS having a ball!!! Memories of 2013 are flooding back to my mind! See how carnival bring people together! I would never have met you had it not been for carnival lol xoxo

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