How To Travel at a Fraction of the Cost!

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Thinking about taking a trip but not sure if you can afford it? Like most people in today’s world, saving for vacations are usually the last thing people plan for. Sure they may have a vacation savings fund but more often than not, it’s dipped into to take care of last minute emergency events that may occur like a flat tire, new brakes on the car or even a medical bill. With that being said, you don’t have to remove all hope of taking that vacation you’ve always dreamed of. You just have to know when to go!

A recent article on talked about the best time to travel for the best deals. The off peak season is where most people aren’t traveling to a particular destination. Another time frame, the shoulder season, is the time right before or directly after a destination’s peak season.  Planning your vacations during these seasons will work miracles on your travel budget. You might be thinking, “Well why would I want to go when everyone else isn’t going?” Here are a few reasons why:

Cheaper lodging rates

Hotels and other accommodations are unable to fill their rooms during the off season so that results in better deals for you. By booking your vacation during the off/shoulder season, you’re almost guaranteed savings of 20-40 percent( read HUGE SAVINGS)! When you’re traveling, every little bit saved on lodging helps to go towards other portions of the trip.

Less crowded

Ever tried going to New York City for New Year’s Eve? It’s probably the worse time one can visit the Big Apple since watching the ball drop in Times Square has made it’s way on many people’s bucket list. Expect an influx of people into the city and astronomical rates at hotels everywhere. Going on a vacation during an off season would minimize the additional people visiting the destination. You want to go when less people are likely to go. That way, you get to enjoy the surroundings and explore your destination without feeling suffocated. Additionally, locals tend to be more approachable when there is less going on.

Think about where you want to head off to next and plan your trip with a new outlook: off season or shoulder season trips. Your wallet and bank account will thank you!

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