Cruzan Foodie Bites The Big Apple: Shake Shack NYC

I’ve never been much of a hamburger person but I always make an exception for Shake Shack NYC. My latest birthday trip to New York City meant I couldn’t leave the Big Apple without indulging in a burger from this cherished burger chain. After a hot, muggy day visiting Lady Liberty, I knew that I wanted to recharge at a nearby Shake Shack NYC location.

Selfie Photo with The Statue of Liberty
Hanging with Lady Liberty

Google Maps directed me to the location that was near the next site I wanted to visit for the day. I can’t describe how happy I felt when I banked the corner and saw this!

Shake Shack NYC
Shake Shack NYC Storefront at Battery Park City

The line at the Battery Park City location located at 215 Murray Street wasn’t any longer than 7-8 people when I arrived. Before I knew it, I was at the front of the line placing my order with Miss Bernice: a Smoke Shack burger, French fries with cheese sauce, watermelon basil lemonade and a strawberry cookies & cream milkshake thanks to a heavy endorsement from Miss Bernice. She literally had a “foodgasm” when she described how good it tasted.

Shake Shack NYC
Miss Bernice and me. Isn’t she adorable!

Shake Shack has yet to disappoint me and this visit was no exception. The Smoke Shack Burger comes with Applewood Smoked Bacon, chopped cherry peppers and the signature ShackSauce that accompanies all of their burgers. The ShackSauce has a slight kick to it and features a sweet and sour blend of mayo, ketchup, mustard and spices.

Shake Shack NYC
Close-up Shot of my Smoke Shack Burger. Mmmmm Bacon!

The crinkle cut French fries were fried perfectly. The cheese sauce set them off in ways I can’t even begin to describe. The strawberry cookies and cream milkshake was the ULTIMATE TRUTH!!! Miss Bernice was not lying when she said that this milkshake was life changing! Their signature custard is the base for all of their shakes and they have a variety of flavors to choose from. That milkshake was the final nail in my food coma coffin and I welcomed it with open arms lol!

Shake Shack NYC
Yes, this is all mine. Stop judging me! I shared the fries!

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There’s something that sets the Shake Shack burger chain apart from everyone less. First of all, their food is made fresh to order but doesn’t compromise on time or taste. Additionally, all of their burgers are made with 100% antibiotic-free Angus beef on warm buttered buns. I feel one thousand times better knowing that they put thought and care into their customers’ food.

Although I ate way too much, I was more than satisfied with my pre-birthday meal at Shake Shack NYC. It goes without saying that any Shake Shack in the United States has the Cruzan Foodie stamp of approval.

You can’t visit New York City without a trying a Shake Shack burger, crinkle cut fries and one of their “foodgasm” milkshakes. With 30+locations in the New York City area alone, it won’t be hard to find one near you. Not heading to New York City anytime soon? You’re in luck because you can find Shake Shack in various locations around the United States. For a full listing of all their locations, click here.

Shake Shack NYC
My Happy Face Post Shake Shack NYC

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Shake Shack

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