Ol’ Time Crucian Breakfast

It’s another edition of #FoodieFinds with Cruzan Foodie! Sharing these incredible items with you fills my foodie heart with such joy and this week’s share is no different. Today, it’s all about the “Ol’ Time Crucian Breakfast” which is considered a traditional breakfast on St. Croix.

Cruzan Foodie with a Ol’ Time Crucian Breakfast from Martha’s Deli

The main items often found in a typical Ol’ Time Crucian Breakfast plate are:

  • Saltfish and/or Smoked Herring
  • Boiled Egg
  • “Chop-Up” aka Chopped Greens consisting of Spinach, Okra, and Other Local Greens
  • Cucumber Salad
  • One or Two Bread-Like Options like:
    • Johnny Cake
    • Banana Fritters
    • Butter Bread
Ol' Time Crucian Breakfast
Drool Worthy Breakfast

Enjoyed from time to time throughout the year, this meal would not be eaten on a daily basis. Caribbean people are always on the go and our history of eating food in motion – like Johnny Cakes – means that we didn’t often have the luxury of sitting down and eating a leisurely breakfast on a daily basis. It’s why this is more typical fare in the mornings for many Crucians. However when we do have a little extra time on our hands, usually on the weekends, we get to partake in an Ol’ Time Crucian Breakfast – a hearty combination plate of deliciousness!

Ol' Time Crucian Breakfast
Clockwise from Top-Left: Sliced Cucumbers, Chop-UP, Johnny Cake, Boiled Egg, Smoke Herring and Saltfish

You might be wondering why there’s no meat in the dish. Part of the reason for this could be that back in the day – in deh ol’ time days – salted fish was most likely easier to get and cheaper than meat. In many Caribbean islands, you will notice that saltfish is a main component in many of their traditional dishes. This is another way that shows how every Caribbean island is connected in one way or another and why we proud West Indians are one, big Caribbean family!

Here are a few places on St. Croix where you can get an Ol’ Time Crucian Breakfast:

Martha’s Deli

289 Peters Rest, Suite #1

Christiansted, St. Croix


SK Bakery

Known as “Barren Spot Bakery”

Located in The Village Mall along Centerline Road

Address and phone number coming soon!

Gary’s Bakery & Deli (Saturdays Only)

Known as “Thomas Bakery in Town”

33 King St



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  1. Hazel’s Kitchen also serves Crucian breakfast Monday through Saturday. They are located in Sion Farm.

    1. Thanks for sharing this with me, Neddy! I’ve seen the sign for this establishment but haven’t seen or heard any advertising or marketing for it. Didn’t know what they sold or anything. Once I try them out, I’ll be sure to update the list and include Hazel’s Kitchen. Thanks again!

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