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Photo Credit: Anquanette Gaspard
Photo Credit: Anquanette Gaspard

After completing my European travels abroad, it fully hit me that traveling is truly enlightening to me. It begins with  a morning rise with a million butterflies in my stomach fluttering with excitement & anticipation of the day’s adventure. Thanks to TSA Pre-check, I avoid the delay of excitement due to the security checkpoints & can embark on my journey much faster with iPad fully charged and my camera ready to go! Takeoff is my favorite part as it signifies the official start of my travels. I’m truly on my way.

While cruising the friendly skies, I pray for endless miles of clear blue skies and a sprinkling of white clouds to give me the feeling of being near God & his angels, like my late grandmother and aunt. I feel like they are right there with me in those clouds, providing an overwhelming comfort that I’m in good hands. Those views from my window seat reminds me of who God is. How he is capable of creating something so majestic yet so soothing with these magnificent clouds! Whether it’s 2 hours or 20, I’m giddy with excitement the entire flight & the adrenaline rush is fully activated once the plane lands. I’ve arrived safely to my destination and the fun is about to begin.

Travel Quote by Yours Truly
Travel Quote by Yours Truly

Explore the world. There’s so much more beyond your city or country. Do it while you still can because having the “what ifs” and the “I wish” moments later in life will certainly be one of your biggest regrets. There’s no greater feeling than being able to travel the world freely to see all the wondrous things it has to offer. See you in the skies…

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  1. I love that feeling, wanderlust seems like it was a powerful trait that didn’t show itself until recently. Now I can’t stay still. Regrets….what’s that?

    1. Live life with no regrets! When you board a plane to explore your destination, you should make up your mind to try everything, see everything and completely engross yourself within the culture. If you don’t, you can’t say you’ve truly traveled! Glad to hear that wanderlust is a bug that many people are catching and not a bad one at that lol

  2. This reminds me of the words I heard at my Aunts 50th High School Reunion.
    Don’t allow your home city to be the four walls that keep you confined, break free and see what other places have to offer.

    Totally agree, I love to travel and can’t wait to start again 🙂

    1. Well said, Towana! I believe that you learn more about yourself through traveling and exploring other countries and cultures! Looking forward to hearing about your future travels 🙂

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