Jamaica Carnival: PANDEMONIUM!!!

Jamaica Carnival was truly a one-of-a-kind experience! You really can’t compare it to other carnivals as it has its own unique twist with its location, party setup, daily activities & road experience. To start off my chronicle of the event, I attended Pandemonium on Thursday April 25th which featured the soca extraordinaire, Mr. Machel Montano! With special guests such as Patrice Roberts, Shaggy & Mr. Killah from Grenada, Machel recreated his E-P-I-C Machel Mondays event that takes place every Trinidad Carnival season but with a little Jamaican flair. All in all, the event was one of the best I attended for the carnival season. Check out my video below and see what I looked like after we “fog up deh place!” MADNESS!!! You’ll wish you were there…

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    1. Yes my friend! We really need to do carnival together on the real so make sure you’re here in Miami come October. Please & thank you 🙂

  1. Sis – look like it was mas! How many takes before you got this video? It was perfect man!

    Yo Brudda – JG

    1. One take is all I need lol I haven’t learned how to do any editing of videos or anything yet so all I got is one take! Next time we all have to go!

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