Taste of the Caribbean: Cheesecake Competition

Have you ever been to a cheesecake competition??? I have to say this was one of the most exciting things I’ve witnessed in a while! You’re probably wondering what the heck is so exciting about seeing people bake cheesecake but when you’ve eaten it as much as I have and personally made it from scratch, it’s something to be in awe of!

Seeing the techniques and styles of Chef Gary Klieinfelter of Buccaneer Resort & Spa in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands made me realize how much as a novice I was!

Lobster Cheesecake by Chef Greg Kleinfelter, Buccaneer Resort & Spa
Lobster Cheesecake by Chef Gary Kleinfelter, Buccaneer Resort & Spa

Here he was yesterday in the video below working on his unique lobster cheesecake, a savory dessert with mango habanero jam, gooseberry sauce and a crisp plantain accent! Here was the final product:


Check him out in action in the video below! We’ll find out tomorrow if his masterpiece beat out the other islands for this competition!







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    1. I didn’t get a chance to taste that particular cheesecake although I wanted to! I’ll just have to wait until I head back home to St. Croix to get my chance again 🙂

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